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Here’s a good template to follow!

How to write a letter to a politician.

Politicians don’t listen to the public. They listen to whiners. So whine to them, and make it clear what position you take.

Politicians are obliged to respond to letters from their constituents. That means you should write to all the Federal politicians for whom you are a constituent. That means:

Your local member in the house of representatives:

And all six of your state senators:

Politicians are *meant* to answer emails, but they often don’t. That means you need to write and post to them.

Additionally politicians must answer questions you ask of them.

You also want to put pressure on them based on their political party, or stated beliefs.

Its also important to express yourself, and your feelings, politely. They ignore form letters.

For example:


RE: Opposition to the ALP’s Clean Feed.

Dear Liberals-Senator,

I am disturbed to hear that the ALP’s proposed “Clean Feed” will not be opt-out. Australia should not have an internet filtering system at all, it is a matter for parental and adult responsibility to protect children, as the previous government did by making net filters available to parents, and a matter for the Police if illegal activity is occurring.

What is your position on the Clean Feed?
What is your party’s policy regarding internet filtration?
What is your party’s policy regarding censorship?
Why is a filter necessary if the previous government’s parental filter was working?

[next, appropriately complement them to win them over]
The Liberal Party in Australia has a long tradition of supporting adult responsibility and protecting the freedom of speech so central to our democracy. I would be disappointed in the extreme to discover that today’s party was violating these traditions and supporting the ALP’s Clean Feed.

[next, let them know you actually want an answer]
I would appreciate your reply by post at the earliest convenience.

I would like you to inform me the instant you are aware of the ALP proposing to move Bills or Regulations in relation to the Clean Feed.

Yours sincerely,


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